September 19, 2014


ECOH Engineering and Projects has successfully participated in the recent Lifestyle EXPO held at the Somerset Mall. The focus of the ECOH stand was to demonstrate the features of the latest Centurion technology in gate intercom systems and safety features of the Centurion gate motors.

The gate leading to a residential property plays an important role in any home security and family safety network. A run of the mill gate intercom could be a security risk leading persons loitering at the gate , to deduct that nobody is at home. A motor vehicle provides a secure environment and get-away method should it be necessary. However that secure environment is compromised if one has to get out of a vehicle to open or close gates. In today’s day and age this could be a safety risk – in broad daylight and even more so at night.

The G Speak GSM-based intercom system uses cell phone technology for you to answer any person at your gate – from anywhere in the world ,where you might be. The G Speak has the added advantage that it allows you to operate and monitor 4 functions from your cell phone.

  • open/close the gate

  • open / close the garage door

  • switch on the alarm

  • switch on the house lights

all from your cellphone – anywhere in the world

Automating both gate motors and garage doors allow safe entry into the premises and exiting the vehicle when all is secure . The latest Centurion gate motors have added safety features such as time barring of remotes and early warning detection of person loitering at your gate.

The time barring facility allows the home owner to allow access to the property only on specified time periods. For example , if the garden services do the lawn on Thursdays between 10:00 and 12:00- then that is the only time their remote wll operate the gate. Outside of this time period , their remote is inoperable. The added advantage is that the home owner can bar all access when for example , the family is on holiday.

ECOH Projects is located in ASLA Park in Somerset West and can be contacted for a demonstration and quote.

Please feel free to contact
Ernest (082 805 1737 or or
Brenton ( 072 735 6367 or

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