Projects Update: ECOH

February 2, 2015

Since the establishment of ECOH Engineering and Projects (Pty Ltd) IN August 2014, ECOH Engineering has been involved in many diverse undertakings. The Lifestyle Expo in the Somerset Mall was a great success to introduce the services of ECOH Engineering to the public. The focus of the ECOH stand was to demonstrate the features of the latest Centurion technology is gate intercom systems and safety features of inter alia, the Centurion gate motors .Several projects flowed from the contacts made.

At the end of October 2014, ECOH Engineering and Projects exhibited at the annual Stellenbosch Agri Expo that was held at Sandringham. Some of the diverse projects that ECOH Engineering had completed was displayed and is listed below.


Manufacture and install a mezzanine floor, handrails, stairway and decking – ASLA Park Somerset West

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